VolleyballXL acquires Scope Volleyball

12/20/2023 |

VolleyballXL has immediately acquired the knowledge platform Scope Volleybal, ensuring the preservation of this valuable resource for the sport of volleyball. This strategic acquisition marks a significant step in VolleyballXL’s international mission to further develop and support the sport of volleyball.

For years, Scope Volleybal has been a valued platform for volleyball coaches in the Netherlands. The knowledge platform is a rich source of inspiration and includes technical learning paths, theory, training materials, and explanations on various aspects of the sport of volleyball. With this acquisition, VolleyballXL ensures the valuable knowledge and resources of Scope remain available for the sport of volleyball in the Netherlands.

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VolleyballXL recognizes and appreciates the tremendous contribution of Roy Wassen and his team to the sport. Dennis Veth says, “Over a decade of sport-specific knowledge, built up by Roy and digitized in Scope, cannot and should not ever be lost. Many volleyball coaches have benefited from using Scope as a reference, and from Roy himself as a VT2 and VT3 coach as part of volleybalopleidingen.nl. Many clubs also actively consult Scope as a source of knowledge. That’s why we at VolleyballXL have decided to safeguard and continue this knowledge sharing.”

Future Plans
Reinier Boerendans outlines the plans: “Scope will continue to operate in its current form for the time being. We are exploring whether and how we can merge this with VolleyballXL. The content will also be made available internationally. This aligns well with the international steps we have taken in the past year. VolleyballXL is now also available in English and German, which has led to volleyball coaches from more than 15 countries, within and outside Europe, joining VolleyballXL. Additionally, there are positive talks with European volleyball federations to make the platform available in even more languages.”

The current users of Scope can continue to consult Scope for the time being. Users will be informed about this shortly.

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