Effective coaching strategies: focusing on positive instructions in volleyball training

12/05/2023 |

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the way training is given, focusing particularly on the explanation.

Which coach doesn’t do this; first explain how the exercise goes, then explain what you want people to do, and conclude with: ‘so don’t…’? This way, an exercise ends with what we don’t want or don’t want to see. And what is usually remembered in practice? The last thing you’ve told. Not to mention the fact that our brains often struggle with the word ‘not’.

Not thinking about something

The well-known question: Try not to think about Pinocchio?

And what are you thinking about now? Chances are, you’re thinking of a puppet with a long nose. During the game, coaches often give the instruction: Don’t serve to the libero, or don’t serve to number 8. There’s a good chance that the serve will end up with the libero or number 8 in many cases.

State what you want to see in your volleyball training

It’s better to state what you, as a coach, do want to see. Serve to number 3 or serve to position 1. How does that apply to volleyball exercises in training? It’s better to place the player in the right position, briefly explain the exercise, and possibly tell the goal. That’s it. Only correct when correction is needed. Don’t elaborate too much, stick to the point.

There are coaches who place the players in their spot, explain the exercise, and only intervene if necessary. If it really doesn’t work, you can always pause the exercise and make corrections.

What do you see and what do you want to see?

Be as clear as possible; maybe there’s only one player who isn’t doing it right. So, you only need to correct one player. Think of the energy that saves! And because you’re brief and clear, it will also be easier to remember/understand, and there’s a greater chance that more will be learned. And thus, more growth.

Give it a try. Good luck!​

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