Training like an opera blog

Training like an opera

Think about how parents teach their child new words: they stretch out the sound and put extra emphasis, they exaggerate. There’s a good reason for that. Because through exaggeration, you learn to understand where the boundaries lie. So, if you want to teach your players something new, lay it on thick. In practice If you, […]

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Keep dreaming blog

Keep dreaming

In various books and studies, it is claimed that you can improve while sleeping, from surgeons to athletes. In short, top performers in their field all make use of the following principle: Just before going to sleep and while lying calmly in bed, they play a movie in their head of the ideal, beautiful performance […]

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Effective coaching strategies: focusing on positive instructions in volleyball training blog

Effective coaching strategies: focusing on positive instructions in volleyball training

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the way training is given, focusing particularly on the explanation. Which coach doesn’t do this; first explain how the exercise goes, then explain what you want people to do, and conclude with: ‘so don’t…’? This way, an exercise ends with what we don’t want or don’t want […]

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Ball trajectory recognition in youth Volleyball blog

Ball trajectory recognition in youth Volleyball

What is the most important thing to develop in young players? Technique? Tactics? Physicality? Do you, as a coach, also sometimes experience that the children can make a nice platform but somehow they still don’t get the ball right on their arms? Or that they are ready in a correct stance, but still the ball […]

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8 tips for the setter blog

8 tips for the setter

The axis in the system. The pivot point of the game. The setter.   It is said that the setter is probably the most important position in volleyball. This is not surprising because the setter touches the ball before almost every attack. The setter decides who to play to and who not to. The setter also […]

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Mirror Neurons blog

Mirror Neurons

Due to the necessary athletic restrictions, I have had regular conversations with several coaches over the past year. We talked about coaching life, bottlenecks, and to what extent these influence the level of our coaches. While pondering these conversations, I heard neuropsychologist Erik Scherder on television explaining terms like mirror neurons. A few days later, […]

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Coach, do you know these 6 basic skills? blog

Coach, do you know these 6 basic skills?

Hello Supervisor. Hello Coach! VolleyballXL can come up with all the exercises and create tools to improve your players or make the training more enjoyable, but isn’t it time for you, as a volleyball coach, to work on your own skills? What skills could you as a supervisor/coach develop or improve this year? In this […]

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Result or performance? blog

Result or performance?

Score: 21-24. Your team is behind and it’s your serve. If you make a mistake, the opponent wins. If you serve well, you’re one point closer. Will the serve go well? If you serve into the net, everyone will see that the set is lost. Because you hit the net. Score: 24-21. Your team is […]

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The mime action blog

The mime action

“We are that which we do on repetition,” said Aristotle. Repetition is an important key to faster/better development at both technical and tactical levels. But how can you as a player, and how can you as a coach/trainer, integrate this into your training sessions? How do you get the most out of your practice? The […]

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