Volleyball Passing drills

Passing in volleyball is the fundamental skill that sets the stage for all offensive attacks. Are you searching for drills to enhance your volleyball passing skills, or perhaps seeking new inspiration for your training regimen? We’ve compiled video tutorials focusing on volleyball passing drills, accompanied by comprehensive training sessions for your development.

Drills for Volleyball Passing

What drills are essential in honing your volleyball passing skills? In this section, you’ll uncover a series of drills specifically designed to boost your proficiency in volleyball passing:

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u18, Seniors
Block, transition and set
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u12, u18, Seniors
Bullseye Bump
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u12, u18, Seniors
Chaos Easy
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u18, Seniors
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u18, Seniors
Out of System part 1
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u18, Seniors
Pass, Set & Attack Cross Part 1

Training for Volleyball Passing

Interested in specialized drills for volleyball passing? Planning to conduct a volleyball session with a focus on passing? VolleyballXL offers a variety of drills aimed at improving your passing skills, covering crucial aspects such as forearm contact, footwork, and accurate ball control.


Effective communication is also fundamental to volleyball passing. Ensure you’re coordinated with your teammates, signaling your readiness to receive or direct the ball. Transparent communication assists in preventing mishaps and boosts team performance. Alongside drills and techniques, sustaining peak physical fitness and endurance is crucial for volleyball success. Regular training sessions will enhance your stamina and on-court performance.

For Beach Volleyball Players

For enthusiasts of beach volleyball, there are unique drills to sharpen your passing skills on the sand. The sandy environment presents additional challenges compared to indoor courts, demanding specialized skills and tactics. Keep in mind, the ball’s behavior on sand varies, necessitating adjustments in your approach and a more focused pass to ensure accuracy.

Volleyball drills for passing

Volleyball drills for passing are essential for players at all levels, from beginners to high school and even middle school teams. These drills focus on improving the fundamental skills required for effective passing in volleyball. For beginners, volleyball passing drills should emphasize the basics of stance, arm positioning, and ball control.

Passing drills for volleyball beginners

Passing drills for volleyball beginners often start with simple exercises. Basic volleyball passing drills like ‘Pass and Move’ help beginners understand the movement and coordination needed in the game. In this drill, players pass the ball to each other while continuously moving, which helps in developing their agility and passing accuracy.

Fun passing drills for volleyball

Volleyball drills for passing beginners also include fun passing drills for volleyball. These fun volleyball passing drills keep the practice engaging while still focusing on skill development. For instance, ‘Target Passing’ involves players aiming their passes at specific targets, adding a playful element to the training.

Volleyball passing drills for high school

For more advanced players, such as those in high school, volleyball passing drills for high school are designed to be more challenging. These drills, like ‘Serve Receive Passing’, focus on receiving serves and quickly transitioning to an offensive play. The best volleyball passing drills for high school players often combine elements of speed, accuracy, and strategic play.

Middle school passing drills

Middle school coaches can use volleyball passing drills for middle school that are a blend of basic and intermediate techniques. These drills should be easy volleyball passing drills that gradually build up the complexity as players improve their skills.

Best passing drills for volleyball

Overall, the best passing drills for volleyball, regardless of the level, are those that balance skill development with fun and engagement. Whether it’s basic passing drills volleyball for beginners or more complex exercises for older players, consistent practice with these drills can significantly enhance a player’s passing abilities.

FAQ about volleyball passing drills

What are some effective volleyball drills for improving passing skills?

Effective volleyball drills for improving passing skills include the ‘Butterfly Drill’, where players rotate in a figure-eight pattern, practicing both forearm and overhand passes. Another useful drill is the ‘Pass-Set-Pass Drill’, which focuses on control and precision in passing and setting. Additionally, ‘Wall Passing Drills’, where players continuously pass against a wall, help in developing consistency and accuracy in individual passing skills.

How often should a team practice passing drills in volleyball?

A team should incorporate passing drills into every practice session, as passing is a fundamental skill in volleyball. Spending at least 20-30 minutes on passing drills during each practice can significantly improve a team’s passing efficiency. Consistency is key; regular practice helps in muscle memory development and enhances overall team coordination and performance.

Can passing drills be practiced alone, or are they only effective with a team?

Many passing drills can be effectively practiced alone, making them versatile for individual skill improvement. Solo drills like wall passing or targeted passing (aiming at specific spots or objects) are excellent for honing accuracy and control. While team drills offer the advantage of real-game scenarios and teamwork, individual drills are crucial for personal skill development and can be practiced almost anywhere.