Volleyball Serving Drills

The serve is the first action in volleyball. In the serve (also called “service”), the ball is put into play.

Volleyball Serving Drills

What drills can you do to improve your volleyball serve? VolleyballXL has volleyball serving drills on screen. Ideal for a training session focused on improving the serve. View all volleyball serving drills here

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Run, Forrest, Run!
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Triple right
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Block serving
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Know your limits
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Blocked off
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Serve ditto

Volleyball Serving Drills for Beginners

For those new to the sport, beginning volleyball serving drills are essential. These drills are designed to build the foundational skills necessary for effective serving. One of the most fundamental serving volleyball drills for beginners is the ‘Wall Serve Drill.’ This involves players standing a short distance from a wall and practicing their serve by hitting the ball against the wall. It helps beginners understand the mechanics of serving without the pressure of a full court.

Serving Drills for Volleyball Beginners

Another excellent drill for novices is the ‘Underhand Serving Drill.’ This is one of the beginner volleyball serving drills that focus on developing a consistent and accurate underhand serve. Players should aim to hit a specific target area, enhancing their precision and control.

Serving Drills for Volleyball Overhand

As players progress, they can move on to more advanced serving drills for volleyball, like the ‘Overhand Serve Drill.’ This involves practicing overhand serves with a focus on power and accuracy. Volleyball serve drills beginners can adapt include serving from different positions on the court to understand the angles and trajectory needed for effective serves.

Fun Serving Drills for Volleyball

To keep the practice sessions enjoyable, coaches can incorporate fun games for volleyball practice. ‘Serving Target Challenge’ is a popular choice among volleyball serving games. It involves setting up targets on the court and having players aim their serves at these targets. This not only improves serving skills but also adds a competitive and fun element to the training.

At Home Volleyball Serving Drills

For players looking to practice outside of team sessions, at home volleyball serving drills can be beneficial. Simple volleyball drills like serving against a garage door or into a marked area in the yard can help maintain and improve serving skills.

Volleyball Drills to Help with Serving

Overall, drills to improve serving in volleyball should focus on repetition, accuracy, and gradually increasing power. Coaches should encourage players to practice a variety of serving drills for volleyball, ensuring they develop a well-rounded serving skill set.

In conclusion, whether it’s volleyball serving drills for youth or serving drills for beginners volleyball, the key is consistent practice and a focus on the fundamentals. By incorporating these drills into regular training, players can develop strong serving skills that will greatly benefit their overall game.

FAQ about volleyball serving drills

What is the purpose of volleyball serving drills?

The purpose of serving drills in volleyball is to improve accuracy, power, and consistency in serving. These drills also help players master different serving techniques, such as underhand and overhand serves.

How can I make my volleyball serve more powerful?

To increase the power of your serve, focus on strengthening your core and shoulder muscles, practice proper serving technique, and ensure a strong, controlled wrist action when hitting the ball.

What is a good drill for beginners to learn serving?

For beginners, the underhand serving drill is a good starting point. This drill involves learning the basic motion of the underhand serve, where the player learns to hit the ball consistently and with the right amount of force.

How can I improve my serving accuracy in volleyball?

To improve accuracy, practice targeting specific areas of the court. Use cones or markers to create target zones and try to consistently serve the ball into those areas.

Are there specific drills for practicing jump serves?

Yes, there are specific drills for jump serves. These include exercises that focus on timing, jump technique, and hitting the ball at its highest point. These drills help players combine power and precision in their jump serves.